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Matthew Warren Spring (MWS) is a manufacturer of cold and hot wound (or hot coil) springs, retaining rings, stampings, safety brake springs and specialty Belleville washers. They also maintain an in-house powder coat line with state-of-the-art zinc phosphate pretreatment.

In addition, Matthew Warren has precision, value-added, assembly operations that offer customers the opportunity to purchase specialty packaged, spring-related component kits ready for installation.

Since 1928, Matthew Warren Spring has been a quality-driven company, offering advanced engineering, custom solutions, specialty products, quality components and service. Through engineering expertise and innovation, Matthew Warren provides a competitive advantage with a high level of quality.

Matthew Warren offers both automated and manual hand coil capability in the manufacture of hot coil springs. Our highly automated line can take many grades of high-alloy materials up to 1.875″ in diameter and produce hot-coiled springs with outside diameters of 9.0″ max and free lengths up to 39.0″.

World class quality is achieved through state of the art heat-treating, shot peening, and automated load testing all while exceeding demanding fatigue requirements and specifications.

Various end configurations, grinding, coating, marking, and special packaging processes are designed to meet your special needs. Larger bar diameters of 2.25″ and bar lengths of 27.0′ can be hand coiled on smaller quantity demands offering the same quality requirements.

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