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N2Power is a leading design and manufacturer of high efficiency, ultra-small, power-dense power supplies. Our environmentally-friendly designs reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat, and most models require little or no forced air cooling – yielding decreased AC loads and increased reliability and economy of operation. We offer numerous power solutions for a variety of products in the IT Equipment, Broadcast, Industrial, Kiosk, Gaming, Lighting and Test Equipment markets.

Advantages of N2Power Technology

Patented technology delivers more power in less space
“Green” by design – many of our supplies achieve up to 93% efficiency
Our open frame power supplies are among the smallest AC-DC 125W to 500W units on the market
High efficiency means less loss of energy in the form of heat; hence higher MTBF and lower cooling costs
Extremely small volumetric size through state of the art packaging techniques, yielding power densities over 15 watts/cubic inch
Some of our supplies offer active current sharing and an OR’ing diode for redundancy
Technical documentation, mechanical drawings and IGS files are available for all our power supplies – making it easier for our customers to incorporate them in their products
FREE SAMPLES are available with freight paid by requester
The inherent advantages of our supplies provide OEM designers with valuable extra “real estate” for increased functionality while reducing thermal loads, cooling requirements, and lowering operating costs. Frequently, these reductions make convection cooling sufficient, eliminating the cost and noise of fans.

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