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Functionality and efficiency coupled with the precision and reliability of the products: Since 1979, PTR has stood for excellent, innovative solutions. Our success is the result of a consistent strategy: we combine quality and reliability with the aim of providing our customers with the ideal solution to their needs.

Consequently, we continue to extend our range of products – and this is how we have ensured that we play an important role, worldwide, in the field of electromechanical components. As a result of our integration in the Swiss firm of Phoenix Mecano AG in 1989, we have been able increase our worldwide presence even more. For example, PTR terminal blocks, multi-connector systems, test probes and DIN rail terminal blocks are now available in more than 50 countries. We set the standards by using German engineering, high-quality materials, flexible production and sophisticated logistics.

Business Units

Terminal blocks for printed circuit-board assemblies and plug-in connector systems
DIN Rail Terminal blocks
Test probes for testing printed circuit boards and cables
Gross turnover

approx. EUR 35 m. across all business units

PTR has responded to market globalisation by extending its distribution network to cover all major countries in the world. In more than 50 countries of the world, qualified contacts ensure our products are available at short notice and provide a range of key services to assist customers.

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