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With Customer satisfaction as all sources, we aim for growth.
RIVER ELETEC CORPORATION is an electronic device manufacturer such as quartz crystal units and quartz crystal oscillators. Especially on the SMD type (Surface Mount Device Type) small-size crystal devices, we have always been at precedence as the leading company in the industry and have accumulated original know-how. As a result, we have earned trusts from many customers, as "Small-sized are from RIVER."

Since starting manufacture of resistors in 1949, we have always been dedicated for development of attractive devices, and expanding our business as our whole group, aiming to gain higher customer satisfaction.

Such higher customer satisfaction leads to the satisfaction of people who use electronics products that contain our devices such as cellular phones and digital cameras. Because we know this fact, we can continue to make our best efforts for the goal. As the crystal devices are essential parts in the information and communication fields, the desire exists deeply and strongly in each employee.

In modern society, companies must contribute to the community in a wider aspect. As well as promoting actions for reduction of toxic substances and energy saving to be an environmentally safe company, we are focusing on corporate governances and compliances.

Fourth Mid-range Management Plan
Our fourth mid-range management plan, extending from fiscal 2014 to fiscal 2017, is now underway. In pursuit of our management vision, we build customer satisfaction and trust; create new value from original thinking; and secure greater profitability through optimal business structures. We remain committed to maintaining the trust of all our stakeholders and fulfilling valuable roles.

A Wellspring of Innovation and Value
Rivers are ever-changing. Waters emerging from small headwaters face long journeys. Streams flow over natural terrain and join tributaries, ultimately merging with the great tidal current. Nevertheless, rivers sustain everyday life and ecosystems. We might say the same for corporations and their environments. Corporations bring together a range of people and companies. Good corporate citizens through their business activities enrich society by creating new value and services. At RIVER ELETEC, we strive for just this kind of enrichment, common to both rivers and corporations. We view this as our mission in society.

We remain dedicated to serving our valued customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders toward this end, and humbly request your continuing support in doing so.

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