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Welcome to ROSNOL RF/Microwave Technology

At Rosnol RF/Microwave Technology our goal is to invent technologies to empower the RF and microwave industry to design faster, simplify production, and eliminate complexity.

We achieve this goal through intensive research, product development, and advanced and carefully controlled production.We have a multi-decade legacy designing high performance microwave components, demonstrating technical.Our extensive knowledge base is enhanced with state-of-the art test and measurement equipment (capable of measurements from DC-50 GHz. Designs are validated using both the most sophisticated CAD and simulation software available and proprietary design software. All assembly and test is performed under the supervision of the design engineer at the same facility.Our assembly capabilities include precision leaded and lead free solder and auto assembly. We maintain close relationships with our key suppliers, who are all local to our manufacturing equipment.

High Performance Connectivity Solutions

These capabilities lead to a portfolio of high performance connectivity solutions including broadband, low VSWR, and low insertion loss, high directivity, coaxial connectors, coaxial adaptors, test & measurement components, fixed attenuators, DC blocks, impedance matching pads and many other quality products.

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