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Founded in 1957, Servometer® is the leading technology expert in the manufacture of custom precision electrodeposited metal bellows, bellows assemblies, flexible shaft couplings, electrical contacts, and rigid electroforms using a patented electrodeposition process.

Electrodeposited custom components by Servometer are constructed of nickel, copper, gold, silver, or any combination of these metals in varying wall thicknesses. These products are capable of holding tight tolerances with unique geometries that can quickly and easily install within your assembly. An experienced engineering design team provides innovative solutions that enable you the ability to develop completely custom bellows suited to your unique applications.

Servometer is dedicated to advancing technology across numerous and diverse markets worldwide and takes pride in developing the highest level of quality products from design, through production, to delivery. They also offer standard parts online for off-the-shelf solutions.

Servometer and their sister company BellowsTech, a premier manufacturer of edge welded bellows and assemblies, joined MW Industries in 2015. The crossover of engineering talent adds value and experience to ensure that our bellows customers employ the right technology for their applications.

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