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As a manufacturer solely dedicated to fuses – safety components for circuit protection – SOC Corporation has adopted “Always Quality First” as the central principle of its activities. This principle is upheld by SOC’s personnel, equipment, materials, and methods, each of which is maintained at the highest level.

Quality is at the heart of customer trust and satisfaction. SOC believes quality encompasses product performance as well as cost, delivery, technical service, follow-up service, and environmental considerations. Driven by this uncompromising belief, SOC delivers highly reliable fuses while maintaining the upmost quality.

SOC is devoted to placing quality first throughout all aspects of its activities, as attested by its careful attention to detail in new product development, production system development, stringent testing and inspections, procurement of quality materials, and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, from sales to management, staff around the world are working every day in unison under the banner of SOC’s corporate philosophy, “Always Quality First”, to ensure products and services of the utmost quality.

SOC Corporation has acquired the following Quality Management Certifications.

Ever since its foundation in 1985, SOC has been prioritizing environmental protection throughout the entire spectrum of its corporate activities, in terms of not only reusing and recycling resources but also reducing the consumption of resources, including energy.

In January 2000, SOC made the following statement in consideration of both the local and global environment. This statement serves as the guiding principle of our activities.

Environmental Statement

SOC’s environmental vision:

  • We will not pollute the air.
  • We will not poison the water.
  • We will not contaminate the soil.
  • We will reuse all resources whenever possible.
  • We will leave behind a clean planet for our children.

SOC’s environmental policy:

  1. We consider environmental protection and the minimum use of resources from the first stage of our new-product development.
  2. We minimize waste through all our business operations and make the utmost effort to recycle materials and products.
  3. We ensure that our internal rules abide by all relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Every SOC staff member is committed to discovering new and better solutions through daily study.

SOC’s Akita Factory has received the following awards:

  • Tohoku Bureau of International Trade and Industry Director-General’s Award for factories with outstanding green space creation in September 1995;
  • International Trade and Industry Minister’s Award for factories with outstanding green space creation in October 1998; and
  • Prime Minister’s Award for meritorious service to afforestation in July 2003.

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