SPLG Standard Power



STANDARD POWER is a professional organization that design, development, manufacture and marketing of the products and solutions of Power Quality & Efficiency including power compensation, power distribution and energy management.

STANDARD POWER caters to a worldwide client base that includes electricity utilities, govt. departments, industries, high rise buildings and infrastructure projects as well as the word top companies such as Siemens, ABB, GE, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Pepsi, Citroen, Posco, Sheraton etc., the market region more over 30 countries.

STANDARD POWER's unique offerings bring the best design, the best experience and real value to it's customers. The continual improvements in performance of our products and solutions are the result of it's insight and understanding of customer needs and advanced manufacturing techniques .We also follows the most stringent quality assurance tests as per applicable international standards IEC, BS, VDE, ASTM and also ISO9001 quality management systems.

STANDARD POWER is also focus the future to imroving our business of Power Laboratoy & Innovation and Investment & Development,for the research and the revolution of power electric,power energy,smart industries as well as investment and development of Hi-Tech projects and technology incubators, keeping appraised with the latest developments, always looks ahead for improvements,leading to perfection.

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