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Swissbit, a worldwide operating leading manufacturer of flash storage and security solutions, was created through a management buyout from Siemens Semiconductor in 2001. With over 25 years of experience in the memory & storage industry Swissbit has become a world-class leader in technology, supplying high-quality, high reliability solutions in all established storage interfaces.


Swissbit develops, manufactures, and supports NAND flash storage and security products with perfection and reliability in mind. All Swissbit products are fully dedicated to the embedded and NetCom markets with their highly demanding applications. Each aspect of a Swissbit product is targeting the best possible solution:

  • The components are selected for low defects, extended longevity, and wide temperature range
  • The firmware features enable the highest endurance and retention with options that go far beyond commonly available standards
  • Our own PCB development guarantees high tolerance for frequent temperature cycles
  • The in-house manufacturing creates a wide range of products at the highest quality level
  • The Swissbit security options add a new level of protection to the stored data or even to the complete system by offering a truly secure key storage via an upgradable and replaceable hardware device

Our partners

Each chain is as strong as its weakest link. This is equally true for the supply chain of storage products. The final quality of a storage product depends on the in-house production process, but as well on the quality of the raw material.

The ability to deliver products even in times of material shortage relies on trustworthy and well-established relationships to key suppliers. Close cooperation on engineering level allows fast time to market as well as quick turn around time of product analysis.

On the other hand, the promotion and worldwide distribution with short lead times of own products must be put into the hands of capable, understanding and supporting partners as distributors, sales representatives and webshops.

Swissbit is proud to have long-established and tested relationships to its key suppliers and distributors and understands well their contribution to Swissbit's success.

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