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Unictron Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a leading provider of antennas, antenna modules, and piezoelectric ceramic elements in Taiwan. Founded in 1988, Unictron started out as an electronic components distributor in Taipei, Taiwan. We now have established our own product developing team and manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our two major product groups are antennas and antenna modules for wireless communications and piezoceramic elements for devices used in our daily life and various industrial applications. Our products have been widely used in various electronic devices by internationally renowned customers all over the world. As an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified company, Unictron also complies with RoHS directives.
Unictron is a company dedicated to customer satisfaction through creative innovation and continuous improvement. With a vision of becoming the leading provider of electronic ceramic components and modules, we utilized our core competence in ceramics powder formulation and processing to create these main product lines we have now.

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