Bernstein New 148 Position Switches

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Bernstein New 148 Position Switches

Bernstein New 148 Position Switches

BERNSTEIN introduces the new I49 switches. With very slim dimensions and overall IP 67 protection these switches they are a perfect solution for either position indication or safety applications.

I49 mechanical position switches are used to signal specific occurrences. The automation industry uses this system to trigger a new work process or signal. Actuating a switch mechanically allows information to be sent to a machine or installation. This may be a safety function so that the machine stops automatically. These products can be used across all industries and environments including: monitoring of safety gates, hatches or protective hoods; position monitoring of moving parts; object detection in conveying technology; end position control of components; position monitoring on rolling doors; or monitoring of sliding doors.

The new position switches correspond to protection type IP 67 and all position switches in the I49 series have positively driven NC contacts according to IEC 60947-5-1.  The I49 is a type 1 switch according to ISO 14119. With a suitable system layout, the switch can be used up to performance level e.

Bernstein is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of electro-mechanical components for signal acquisition and pre-processing.

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